We Make Roulette Computers !!!

Custom made for professional roulette players

Roulette Computer smaller than a casino chip

Complete roulette computer on a single board and smaller than a casino chip. FFV roulette computer is powered by the latest Acrobat software with tons of features...

Officially Tested

Only our roulette computers in different stages were investigated and tested by casino consultants and classified as threat to casinos.

Without Competition

FF roulette computer are custom made to be fast, covert and the most accurate. As such they have no serious competition.


Acrobat Ideas

Discussions and ideas from players all over the world. Development of Acrobat program was a long time process.

Australian Made

Australian hardware and software design and assembled. PCB and robots surface mount insertion is done in Asia.

Why Choose Our Products ?

We are roulette players and leaders Ideas we implement the others can't even follow

Custom Built

All our roulette computers are custom built
to be what they need to be


Acrobat 4 is the only program with thru and fast
response to the conditions change


Tons of features to adapt to
hard casino conditions

If It's not the FF Roulette Computer

and it’s not happening

Continuous Improvement

With all our ideas and improvements
casinos can only follow

Customer Support

Fast unlimited support
from designers and community

Great Community

We’re roulette players that believe in having a
good time while doing what we love,
and we do love what we do