This system was available since the early 1990’s in one form or another. That is a few pedigree! – It had been sold in New Zealand down through a paper. Back in those pre internet mail order days and 000 copies were sold. And no complaints requested a refund and were registered. That is almost unheard of. Then it went and has been renamed the Honest Lotto System – before becoming called the Silver Lotto System from the year 2007 since as Ken says the world lotto system. 

Is 20 Years Old!? This lottery system has been available for 20 years in one form or another. But it is been developed and updated times since that version was published. I have won Division 3 and 4 for many weeks I’ve played, winning over 99% . – Ken Silver – However a number of essential things have NOT changed. First of all, Ken does NOT guarantee you’ll walk away with a jackpot. That is important to remember – you’ll need to be realistic here. This is about getting a better prospect of winning, not a miracle lottery beating system’. หวยหุ้น

And secondly, you may still test this on paper till you happy to spend real money. By that I mean your entrances may be created by you and do everything as though it were real without risking money. You won’t be claiming any prizes it means you may establish whether it functions to yourself before you start on purchasing ticket risking your own money. So What Does It Actually Do? Okay, let me just rapidly tick off of the things it does NOT do first, then I will get more specific. This isn’t about cold or hot numbers, and it isn’t about lucky numbers. 

Then moves on to planning your strategy – choosing of the right game, and budgeting and all of that stuff. To stop other individuals copying of the Silver Lotto System, and 2. Because you just do not need to know all of the complicated stuff behind it, you simply want the easy rules to follow instead. Then you are straight from to following step-by step how to create your very own Master Number Profile. This involves following some very specific rules determined by the game you are playing, and building up 3 profiles of initial number selections. Do not worry, it is so easy even I could also do it, and this initial step will only take around 10-fifteen minutes. Note: there are basically 3 different formulations here to make your selections. Which you use is determined by the game you choose to play, and how many balls are in that game.

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